Regenerative Biology


Developmental Biology


Dr. Indra Wibowo


  • Nutrigenomics dan nutrigenetics
  • Fish immune system
  • Selection of natural products and hair cells regeneration in zebra fish
  • Selection of natural products and degenerative disease


  • Potential combination of red rice and antidiabetic herbal extracts from Indonesia and the relation to intestinal microbiota profile (2018)
  • Nutrigenomic study approach to understanding the diet modulation of high beta-carotene of banana of immune and metabolic genes expression (2018)
  • Anti-inflammatory activity of propolis from Indonesia on zebrafish larvae (Danio rerio) (2018)
  • Potential combination of brown rice and anti-diabetic herbal extract from Indonesia and the relation to intestinal microbiota profile (2017)
  • The effect of propolis on gene expression pathways involved in larval cholesterol formation in zebrafish (Danio rerio) (2017)
  • Study of red rice (Oryza sativa L.) development as "nutrasetika" prevention from obesity and metabolic syndrome (2016)
  • Development of spatial-time series model with time correlated errors; case study on the effects of pesticides to development of neural zebra fish (2015)
  • Efficacy biocoating of propolis Trigona sp. for post-harvest protection of agricultural products (2015)
  • Expression of genes involved in sugar homeostasis (2015)
  • The expression of the GFP reporter gene in zebrafish (2015)




  • A. Ridwan, Awaludin, Wibowo, I., Nurasmi. 2016. Potential Study of Ethanol Extract of Karamunting (Melastoma malabhatricum) as Growth Precursor for Larvae of Giant Tiger Prawn (Penaues monodon) by Dipping Method. Proc. Basic Sci., 6


  • Wibowo, I. , Pinto-Teixeira, F., Satou, C., Higashijima, S., López-Schier, H. 2011. Compartmentalized Notch signalling sustains axial references for epithelial planar polarity. Development. Mar;138(6):1143-52.