August 22, 2016

On March 2-3, 2016 ago, Brawijaya University held an international conference at Malang, East Java. The international conference entitled Basic Science International Conference (BASIC) have been regularly conducted since 2011, and this time is the 6th years implementation of the conference. The main theme that was carried in 6th BASIC is “Enhancing Innovation in Science for Sustainable Development“. This conference also provides study subjects such as: Materials Science and Technology; Environmental Science and Technology; Molecular Science and Health; Maths, Statistics and Modelling; Instrumentation and Measurement; also Energy .

Physiology, Development of Animal and Biomedical Sciences Group of Expertise from SITH ITB received an invitation to present the research results of each members to representing the development of science and application of health at ITB. All members of the families present in Malang, East Java, and each present their research results related to the subject of the conference. Most members delivered a progress report on the application and basic biomedical science research related to the health subject.

Here is a list of research topics presented by each member of this group of expertise in The 6th BASIC,

  • Dr. Lulu L. Fitri : Effects of Blue Light Exposure to Alpha and Beta Brain Wave Perturbation in Response to Cognitive Distraction at Night Driving Simulation
  • Dr. Anggraini Barlian : Anti-Aging Mechanism Using Nano-propolis in Normal Human Skin Cells Induced by UV Iradiation
  • Dr. Tjandra Anggraeni : Immune Proteins of the Insect Pest Crocidolomia pavonama, Previously treated with Mirabilis jalapa extract, after infection with the fungus Beauveria bassiana
  • Dr. Ahmad Ridwan : Presence of Prey Affects Web-Building in an orb web spider Argiope versicolor in laboratory conditions
  • Dr. Indra Wibowo : Propolis Can Improve Caudal Fin Regeneration in Zebrafish (Danio rerio) That is Induced by Combination Administration of alloxan and Glucose
  • Dr. Ayda T. Yusuf : The Combined Effects of Garlic (Allium sativa) and Tuba (Derris elliptica) root extracts on Nervous Tissue Alterations in Rat’s midbrain
  • Dr. Sony Heru Sumarsono: The Learning and Memory Ability of Mice Pups Generating from Female Mice that Gavaged with Fresh Cassava Extract During Pregnancy and Lactacy  
  • Dr. Marselina I. Tan: BRD4 function on NF-kappaB Pathway

Attending the joint conference of all members of Physiology, Animal Development and Biomedical Science group of expertise soon will be scheduled as a routine event of this group. It is intended to indicate the progress of research towards biomedical science in this group specifically and SITH ITB for generally. It is also to update information for members that get insights, new experiences, as well the potential of collaboration networks. 

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